If you want to keep your garden in a good shape and make your work easier, you need the best garden tools for digging you can find in the market. This will make your lawn and garden more attractive to guests and helps increase the aesthetic value of your home.

If you have a few digging to do in your garden, and you’re yet to decide on the right digging tools, the list provided below can help you choose the right tool that is most relevant to your needs.

Different Garden Tools for Digging – Make the Right Choice

There is no gardening without digging. And if you want your gardening efforts to be productive as well as rewarding, you need to use the right digging tools. The good thing is, when it comes to digging, there are tons of tools to choose from. The problem is how to determine which digging tool is right for which job?

Now read on to learn a few garden tools for digging and how you can make efficient and effective use of them.

Plumber’s Shovel

The plumber’s shovel is designed with narrow blade, which is used for digging of drains and holes, laying of pipes, and for shifting as well as spreading soil. It comes with an extra-long handle that allows for greater leverage.

Square Shovel

Square shovels are effective digging tools. It comes with sharp and flat tips that are designed for the digging of hard-packed soils. The square shovels can also be used for scooping and moving soil, gravel, mulch, sand or rock.

Trench Shovel

Trench shovels are great tools for digging and clearing trenches. It has a sharp pointed tip and squared that makes it the most suitable tool for producing clean trench walls. Trench shovel is the ideal tool for the laying of irrigation pipes and the removal of deep-rooted plants.


Mattock is multi-purpose hand tool used for digging and chopping. It comes with a long handle and an axe blade head, making it suitable for digging up and cutting of tree roots.


Hoes are popular garden implements used for soil cultivation, weed removal, and breaking up of masses of soil. Hoes are also used for piling up of soil around plant base, for digging of shallow trenches for seeds and bulbs, and for creation of furrows.


Auger is a drilling device. It is used to drill holes into post, hanging gates, and for planting of trees and shrubs.

Post Hole Pincer

The post hole pincer comprise of two shovels connected by a hinge. These shovels are used for breaking of loose soil. They are also used for digging of holes to sink fence posts or to create patio supports as well as for planting of bulbs.


Spade is popular garden implement with a shorter handle compared to that of a shovel. Spades are mostly used for cutting and making of holes in the ground for planting.

Garden Fork

Garden forks are essential digging tools commonly used for the breaking, lifting and turning over of the garden soil. They help prepare the soil for easy penetration of organic matter and fertilizers.

If you live in Florida and its environ, and you’ve found your choice of digging tools in the list above or you have certain tools in mind that are not in the list, contact LAWNSAVER today for supply of the best garden tools for digging in West Palm Beach, FL.

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