Experts agreed that having the right equipment can move your gardening from a back-breaking experience to a relaxing one. Thus, Lawnsaver recommends the following gardening tools for both experienced and budding garners to have delightful gardening experiences. Read on as you meet some of the tools that can make your gardening a lot exciting and productive!

  1. Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow can make your work a lot easier as a gardener. You need to move things such as soil, compost, firewood, seedlings, and more, from one place to the other. Of course, your wheelbarrow can be used to transport all the heavy loads so you can give your back a relief from unnecessary burden.

  1. Pruners

Pruners are versatile tool for gardeners. They come handy when you’re deadheading flowers or cutting pliable stems or small woody twigs. This can help you to achieve the desired results on time.

  1. Digging Shovel

A shovel is an indispensable tool for gardeners, especially when it comes to planting things that are larger than your fist. Shovels often come with a D-shaped handle that allows you to easily dig up and toss heavy loads of soil when gardening. A shovel made with welded steel construction will be more productive and durable compared to those made with wooden and fiberglass. So always choose wisely!

  1. Edging Spade

Edging spades are useful for keeping your lawn in shape. They can be used for the edging of a garden, neatly slicing of turf, cutting of roots, or scraping of soil or mulch off of a flat surface like a sidewalk. The tool will help reduce fatigue while you work at beautifying your lawn.

  1. Loppers

Loppers are more or less a bigger pruner. It is used in cutting tree branches. Loppers are highly essential in controlling the branches and shape of trees in your garden.

  1. Hori Hori Digging Tool

The Hori Hori digging tool is not only essential for digging and planting, it can as well serve as a knife, saw and even a measuring device for planting bulbs. It is used for planting, weeding, cutting sod, severing roots and dividing perennials. It is a must have tools for gardeners, given its versatility.

  1. Garden Rake

Garden rakes are usually found useful in the spring when you’re cultivating and prepping the soil in your lawn. They can also be used for leveling mulch, removing thatch, scratching hard-packed soil to make it more porous and leveling the soil before seeding a lawn.

  1. Hose and Sprayer

Hose and sprayer can add a great deal to the success of gardening. They are basically used for watering newly seeded areas so the plant can get the water they need. Hose and sprayer can also be used to blast and clean mud off of your tools.

If you’re looking to buy quality garden tools such as pruners, digging spades, shovels, rakes, pocket knives, wheelbarrows, garden folks, watering tools, weeding tools or any other tools, contactLAWNSAVER today for the best gardening tools in West Palm Beach, FL.

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