Landscaping can be a tough business for even the most seasoned professionals in the industry, so it makes sense for them to use every tool at their disposal which can make the job more comfortable and more efficient.

Here are a few of the most backbreaking jobs that every landscaper will be required to endure as they carry out the daily task, and how Lawnsaver can help ease the burden while saving knees and backs all over the country.

What is Lawnsaver?

Lawnsaver is a lightweight solution for gardeners and professional landscapers that is created from lightweight but durable plastic. The curved design of Lawnsaver means that it functions similar to a wheelbarrow, but because it is lower to the ground, it takes a lot less effort to transfer the backfill.

How Does Lawnsaver Work?

Digging out trenches has always been one of the most challenging jobs dreaded by landscapers everywhere, especially for those whose knees, backs, and elbows are no longer what they used to be.

Lawnsaver not only makes the job a whole lot more comfortable, but it also saves time. As all landscapers know, being quick on the job means faster turnaround to the next paying customer.

As landscapers dig out the trench, all dirt goes onto the lawnsaver. With all the dirt on the Lawnsaver, there’s, there’s no soil getting lost in the grass, and there’s no need to damage the lawn trying to get every speck of dirt back into its original location.

Once all the plants are in simply tip the dirt back into the holes or trench by using the conveniently located handholds on the Lawnsaver. All that’s needed now is a bit of tidying up, and you are done. There’s no dealing with heavy wheelbarrows, rakes which pull and tear at the grass or struggling with tarps with heavy loads of dirt on them.

Filthy tarps and other methods for saving backfill, such as plywood sheets required extensive cleaning and storage which is time-consuming and messy.

Lawnsaver’s unique design means that it is easily cleaned and stackable. Give it a spray with the hose and then stack it on the truck for a fast end to the day. Lawnsaver recovers every shovelful of dirt makes tidying up a lot easier and quicker. The only thing you leave behind is a delighted client.

You can overlap more than one Lawnsaver into a long line, which gives you an edge as a guide for a straight trench. There’s no moving a heavy wheelbarrow backward and forward, and the large surface area means there will be minimal to no spillage. A corrugated design adds strength and ensures that Lawnsaver is very easy to clean.

As you can see, Lawnsaver hasn’t been designed just to save lawns; it’s also helping to protect the knees, backs, and elbows of landscapers all over the country.

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