As an avid gardener, it’s easy to get set in your ways and do the same thing every day when you get time in the garden. If you enjoy your time with growing things, here are a few tips which can help make your gardening life easier, or at least more efficient.

  1. Plant Transportation

Every time you return home from the nursery with the back of the car loaded with new plants, there are always a few pots which have tumbled over and made a mess.

The next time you stock up on flowering plants, take your step ladder with you and lay it out flat. The space between the steps creates a secure location for the plants and keeps the pots upright on the ride home. Now you can get straight into planting without having to get the vacuum cleaner out.


  1. Coat Your Shovel with Silicone Spray

Friction between the soil and your shovel makes digging harder, especially if there is a lot of moisture in the ground. A quick spray with silicone or Teflon lubricant will make digging more comfortable and stop sticky clumps from adhering to your shovel.


  1. Save Your Back with Lawnsaver

Wheelbarrows are an essential piece of kit for every garden, but when digging new garden beds, laying irrigation, or digging in confined spaces, they aren’t always the best solution. A few Lawnsavers can make many gardening jobs a lot easier.

Layout a few Lawnsavers and you automatically have a straight line to follow. And because the Lawnsaver is low on the ground, the amount of bending and twisting you must do is significantly reduced.

No soil gets trapped in the lawn, and when you’re finished digging, returning the earth to its original location is as simple as sliding it off the Lawnsaver using the conveniently placed handles.


  1. Use Soap Before Your Garden

Sometimes gardening requires a delicate touch and gloves aren’t an option but getting the underside of your fingernails clean again can be a pain.

Before you head out, run your fingernails over a bar of soap. You will coat the underside of your nails and stop dirt from collecting there. Once you’re finished, a quick scrub with a nailbrush is all you need to return your nails to sparkly clean.


  1. Use a Rake or Shovel Handle as a Measuring Stick

When you need precise measurements in your garden, the usual routine is to wander around the house wondering where you last left the tape measure. The next time you find it, use the tape measure to mark out measurements on a long-handled gardening tool such as a shovel or rake handle. Now you’ll never need to go hunting for the tape measure again.

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