Whether you’re making do with a small suburban yard, or you’re on the top floor in a block of units, these ideas for gardening in a small space in Florida will have your green thumb glowing no matter where you live.

1. Stacked Gardens

You may have limited space on the horizontal plane, but that means you need to make better use of the vertical by stacking your garden upwards. Any spare wall will do.

You can create a shelving system on the wall and line it with containers and plant pots. Another nifty idea you can try is to use hanging shoe storage pockets. It would be perfect for a small herb garden so you can quickly add some fresh zing to whatever you’re cooking up in the kitchen.

2.  Walkways

If all you have is a walkway around your living space, you will be pleased to know that this is plenty of room for a narrow shallow planter or a bunch of them. Add some color to the area with suitable flowering plants, or grow vegetables for fresh produce. If the walkway follows alongside a wall, then a lattice can give you even more growing room for beans or decorative climbing plants.

3. Window Ledges

Window ledges are another excellent location for small gardens. Colorful flowers will make the view outside more attractive, and a small herb garden within arm’s reach of the kitchen window adds fresh convenience. If the window ledge is a little narrow for containers try adding some brackets and a shelf to widen it out a little.

4. Driveways

Do you really need all that concrete for the driveway? You can add a bit of color up the sides by making the driveway just a little narrower. Some crafty gardeners have split their driveway down the middle and used the space in between to add some much-needed greenery to their block.

5. Easier Gardening with a Lawnsaver

Gardening can be backbreaking, dirty work – but not if you make use of the fantastic Lawnsaver. This ingeniously simple device makes digging up a garden and returning the dirt to the hole much easier than using shovels and wheelbarrows.

Pile the dirt onto the Lawnsaver and when you’re done, use the conveniently placed handles to tip and pour the dirt back from whence it came.  Lawnsaver makes all gardening more manageable, but if you have a small space, you will appreciate not having to maneuver a bulky and heavy wheelbarrow around tight corners.


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