Wheelbarrows and lawn carts are so last decade as a tool for gardening – at least for some tasks. They are bulky, difficult to move around a site, and they are heavy and cumbersome with a full load.

When you are forced to work in a confined environment, a wheelbarrow is not a gardener’s best friend. There is a better solution that can replace wheelbarrows as a superior option for many landscaping and gardening scenarios.

Save Time and Your Back with Lawnsaver

While the Lawnsaver can’t replace the wheelbarrow for everything, it can make many gardening and landscaping jobs a lot easier. Let’s have a look at how you can use Lawnsaver for the best gardening results.

If you’re tasked with digging a long trench or new garden bed, the Lawnsaver is an invaluable tool to have on-site. Lay out a row of Lawnsavers, and you have a way to account for every speck of soil and maintain a tidy site.

When it comes time to replace the dirt, it’s just a simple matter of using the conveniently located handles to tip the Lawnsaver up and slide the soil back into the trench with no wastage.

No longer do you have to scrape at the lawn with the blade of a shovel as you try to return as much of the soil as possible.  Using a Lawnsaver is also a lot easier on your back.

Easy Transportation

Lawnsavers are designed to stack up, so they will take up very little room on the back of the truck whether you carry one or twenty.

Landscapers can increase their efficiency when adding Lawnsavers to their toolset. They can be laid out in a straight line and serve as a guide to keep your trenches and garden beds on the straight and narrow. When all the digging is done, it’s now a much faster process to replace the misplaced soil.

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