About the Lawnsaver


Our Mission is to create innovative products to make the job easier.

I have worked for years digging holes to install landscape lighting and plants and I have used plywood, tarps and plastic to hold the dirt without much success.

The spilled dirt has to be raked back into the trench which is not only time consuming and tiring, but it damages the lawn and you never recover all of the dirt. Storage was also an issue, the bulky plywood and filthy tarps were difficult to store and were often thrown away. I needed a tool to solve this problem which led to the creation of Lawnsaver®.

Lawnsaver® is made of high-grade durable plastic that will ensure years of use. It is a lightweight, stackable and portable garden and professional landscaping tool. Lawnsaver® functions similarly to a wheelbarrow, but it has a lot more to offer! Lawnsaver® can be overlapped in a line giving you the ability to dig a trench while using the edge to dig a straight line. When gardening, Lawnsaver® provides a large work surface which will contain any overflow or spilled soil then easily allows the soil to be put back into the location you desire.

The corrugated and smooth surface makes Lawnsaver® strong and easy to clean. Lawnsaver® can be stacked and easily stored in small spaces.

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